By Dr Goh Seh Kai

24 June 2021

After working in electronic industries for many years, I wish to share my views on the benefits of relying on accurate and rational “5W1H” information in organizations. Generally, we ought to have accurate and sound “5W1H” information — why, what, where, when, who and how — before we can make wise decisions or take appropriate actions. We might risk causing errors when pursuing our endeavours without thoroughly understanding the five vital pieces of information of our plans. To avoid blunders in our decision-making, we shall ask ourselves whether we have the correct…

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

29 May 2021

Generally, we aspire to be viable in life, but it is challenging to fulfil it without possessing some vital attributes. In this article, I wish to share my views on six personal qualities worth nurturing from young — perseverance, endurance, respect, humility, adaptability, flexibility — that I think are essential to people who aspire to overcome the challenges to realize their objectives.

1. Perseverance: Since young, teachers have constantly reminded us to persevere in our studies. While working, we are again regularly demanded to stay on our toes to achieve organizational objectives…

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

3 May 2021

Since its outbreak, the Covid-19 pandemic has already lingered for more than a year. Until now, many regions in the world are still grappling with reducing their infection and fatality rate. With the implementation of the vaccination process worldwide, the world is yet to see the pandemic run its course. Generally, most of us have somehow experienced negative impacts caused by the pandemic — for example, lockdown, stress, wearing a mask, hands sanitizing, social distancing, etc. At this juncture, it is worth reflecting on how to cope with the current crisis more…

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

16 April 2021

Generally, enterprises will need strong teams to improve performance. Effective teamwork is crucial where team members need to exhibit excellent team spirit to enable their team’s success. Having great teams is even more critical today than before since organizations require them to cope with more sophisticated projects in a more challenging world. How to uplift team spirit to build a solid team is paramount to team leaders. This article highlights the following fifteen tips for building a strong team.

1. Set Clear Direction and Objectives: A strong team should have a clear…

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

29 March 2021

The German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein (1879–1955) had said: “When you stop learning, you will start dying”. The American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer John Dewey (1859–1952) had also quoted: “Education is not prepared for life; Education is life itself”. In my view, education and lifelong learning are crucial to individuals but not an afterthought. After more than thirty-five years of working and learning, I can understand how we can benefit from lifelong learning in the following nine aspects:

Nine Aspects of Benefits Rendered by Lifelong Learning

1. Upgrade Knowledge and Skills

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

16 Mar 2021

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus had quoted: “The only constant in life is change” and “There is nothing permanent except change”. In my view, organizational change is inevitable due to rapid destructive technological development. The “change” perspective is even more logical for enterprises during the pandemic, as efficiency and effectiveness are crucial for survival. However, some organizations are still slow to transform due to a lack of workers’ support. Hence, these companies’ managers need to find ways to overcome this challenge. …

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

9 Mar 2021

If you are a retiree, you might feel challenging to pass your time daily during the Covid-19 pandemic due to restricted travelling. How to enjoy leisure might become a problem for some retirees. This article highlights ten practical activities in the following that retirees can do to keep themselves busy and stay healthy during the pandemic.

Ten Useful Activities for Retirees’ Leisure During the Pandemic

1. Writing Diary: As a retiree, you can pen down your thought on many aspects of your life daily. For example, you can open your Microsoft Word…

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

2 Mar 2021

Generally, we are somehow both a superior and a subordinate. If we are a manager, we aspire to be an admired leader. However, it is challenging to be a good manager who will win workers’ heart. From my experience as both a manager and subordinate before, I think the following are the ten tips for becoming an admired manager.

Ten Tips to Becoming an Admired Manager

1. Responsible for Performance: Good managers should be accountable for their department’s performance. We often encounter some superiors who escape the accusation for poor performance by…

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

18 Feb 2021

It has always been my aspiration to be a writer one day. After completing my doctor of business administration degree study, my urge to be a journalist has grown even more substantial. Since October 2020, I have been posting articles on Medium. Although the posts have not attained high viewing and reading scores, I think the journaling experience is fun and fruitful because it has sharpened my writing skills and improved my logical thinking. Nonetheless, I also feel that it is sometimes quite challenging to write an interesting article worth reading. …

By Dr Goh Seh Kai

24 Jan 2021

Generally, you may have many commitments at different stages of life. When you are a student, your primary objective may be to study well to attain good academic results. While working, you may pursue dreams of enhancing your academic qualifications and career growth, planning for marriage, starting a family and so forth. After retiring, you may consider health as your primary goal. Goals setting is critical to us since it guides our direction and effort. However, you might set inappropriate goals at different stages of life. If you focus on achieving unimportant…

Goh Seh Kai

An educator with more than 30 years of lecturing and managerial experience is keen on journaling and publishing.

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